Ep. 05 Overcoming Comparison


Comparing yourself to others is not always a bad thing. I think a small amount of comparison is healthy. It can lead to you pushing yourself to be better. Sometimes when we see someone succeeding and we want that for ourselves we will push past our fear and begin the work that it takes to achieve your goal.

The comparison game can easily become dangerous. Right now we have so much at our finger tips. So many people with blog posts, social media posts, you tube videos etc. telling us how to do a certain thing. Whatever you want an answer to you can quickly look it up on google and you get millions of answers.

It is important for your growth to ask questions and seek answers. But we have to remember that much of what is out there is opinion. What has worked for one person may not work for you. You have to wade through this information and do what is best for you and your life. What is going to help you reach your goals and dreams.

When beginning your business journey it is so easy to hear what everyone is saying and begin to try and do it all. You need an emailing list, you need a you tube channel, you need to wake up at 5am, you need to eat a certain way.

The main thing is to wade through this information, try out some things if you want, and learn what works for your life. Some people are night owls, some are morning people. Learn about YOU and what works to make you the most productive and healthy version of yourself.

The other aspect of the comparison game that is detrimental to our lives is endless scrolling. Right now we are all at a place where our outside world is pretty out of control. It is normal to want to cope with this by numbing ourselves. The newest most accessible and legal drug is scrolling.

It is a way to turn off our mind and escape our current reality. But as you scroll your are feeding your mind information. A majority of what is on social media is other peoples highlights. And even the “low” moments are still often curated to look appealing.

As you scroll you are feeding yourself information about what other peoples lives look like. It is easy to forget that they are most-likely feeling the same amount of lack of control as you. It is so important to remember this. We see fame, money, beauty, success visualized in a certain way. Do you ever finish scrolling and you realize you have been glued to your phone for 30 minutes or more and are left feeling terrible?

That is because you are scrolling through account that are designed to show you a perfect life, they don’t show you the failures. You unconsciously and sometimes consciously comparing yourself. You don’t have this, your arena as beautiful as that.

I do not allow myself to spend much time on social media because I began to fall into this trap myself. I told myself that I was looking for “inspiration” from fellow artists. But as I looked for this “inspiration” really all I was doing was comparing my work to theirs. In the beginning this was especially detrimental to me because I would see the number of followers they had and just feel hopeless. I would see their work and feel defeated.

I had to unfollow a lot of accounts. Accounts that had beautiful content, but I was jealous of their lives. Every time I would look at their feed I would just feel terrible. I cleansed my account to follow people who helped uplift me and keep my head in the right space. I do not often allow myself to just scroll through my feed. I stay focused on my lane.

I no longer look at what other fiber artists create because I want to create what makes ME happy. It may not get as many likes or follows, I may not post as much as someone else, but I stick true to my work life balance. I know what I want out of my life, I know what my goals and dreams and values are.

This is how you break free of comparison. You know yourself. You are proud of who you are and you have personal goals set. When you keep your sights to set on your dreams it becomes so much easier to tune out the noise.

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