Ep. 1 Mindset Matters



Confidence in yourself is vital for success. If you are lacking confidence that is okay, but you can not allow that to control you. Step into the unknown and trust you are doing your best. If you lack confidence and don't have self-worth, people will be able to feel this. If you're doing something that you hate, people can feel it, people know. When you are doing something you're passionate about, you empower other people to pursue things they're passionate about and love.

Have a North Star

When you know what direction you are going it makes taking risks seem a little less scary. You have something to hold onto when times get tough. It is much easier to keep going when you have a strong "why."

Passion To Business

If you really want to convert your passion into a business, you absolutely must remove your hobby mindset. If you're going to make your dream a reality, it takes more work than just sitting down. You have to take the dive and put in the hours. You are now working a 9-5, even if you are your own boss.

Quitting Isn't Shameful

When starting a new business it is okay to think of the first 6 months-year as a trial period. In saying this, I do not mean to half-ass what you are doing. Rather, I mean, if you find that your passion isn't where you thought it was, it is okay to put that part of your career aside and try something new.

This doesn't mean to give up when you have late nights or long hours. That is part of owning a business. There is a difference between having grit and knowing when you are not passionate about something that you thought you were.

Technology Has Its Place

Even though technology is a wonderful tool, it is so easy to lose yourself in it. It is such a fantastic tool for helping businesses grow and helping people to connect. But how often do you see people dining in restaurants where everyone at the table is on their phone. This is where we are losing ourselves to technology. Friendship is being restricted to cyber conversations. Although it's great that we can connect with people all over the world almost instantly, socializing via text message is not the same as communicating face-to-face or one-on-one.

Set boundaries.

Realizing Your Dream

You got to chase a dream that's bigger than yourself. When the discomfort kicks in it's okay to sit down and cry. Acknowledged that you're going through these growing pains and recognize their importance so that you can continue moving forward.

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