Ep 13. Healthy Living With Brittany Lesser

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Health and Wellness Program

Brittany began her journey creating fitness programs for women who want to reach their fitness goals. She got pregnant and realized it was a whole other world. So she got pre and post natal certified. She is constantly learning and she knew that she wanted to create an interactive one-stop shop for health and wellness for women.

From blog posts, to home and gym workouts, prenatal and postpartum. She wanted to create this for a women at any point in their life.

There is so much misinformation out there, she really wanted to give the correct information in one space. Even from her first pregnancy she is learning so much and constantly updating and improving the program.

The Journey

Brittany started with long distance running, she wanted to be a model and she wanted to be thin and her disordered eating began. After that, she became obsessed with clean eating and weight training. She stopped running and focused on clean eating, but she was so regimented it was hard to maintain a social life. It is so isolating to never go eat out with friends. She found bikini modeling and wanted to go about it the "healthy way" but she still needed to become as lean as possible.

She loved competing but she lost her period had terrible stomach issues, and her body basically told her no more. She was consumed by food and fitness. It wasn't until she met her, now husband, that she began to develop a healthy relationship with food.

There is so much more to life than going to the gym and burning a certain number of calories.

After and during pregnancy she was astounded by her body. The beauty of it and all it is capable of. Since then her relationship with food has been the healthiest it has ever been.

Her Advice to People Wanting a Healthier Relationship with Food

Stop dieting. Stop constantly chasing fat loss. Give yourself a break and focus on your mental health and train for performance and strength. Once you fix your relationship with food and you fix your relationship with food you body will follow along.

Advice to women wanting to start their own business

Just do it. Find something you are super passionate about. It's okay to feel like you will fail, but I think that is a normal feeling when stepping out into the unknown.

Celebrate the small wins, have a plan, and seek help from mentors.

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

Having a support system who believes in you is so critical.

Also, Brittany is a huge believer in the law of attraction. If you are constantly thinking negative thoughts that will be your reality. Second guessing yourself is normal, if you have no knowledge of the topic that is an issue, but if you have put in the effort to learn what you have and you know what you are talking about then do your best to put those anxious thoughts aside.

There are people out there with less experience and knowledge than you who are doing what you are wanting to do. If you don't feel confident in your knowledge, put in the effort to learn more.

Want to check out her program, click here!

Instagram is @brittanylesser

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