Episode 1: Why I Created Mom Talk

Updated: Feb 16, 2020


Welcome to Mom Talk, a podcast where we have authentic conversations with moms just like you and me. Let's connect, inspire and empower one another. Are you ready? Let's go.

Thank you so much for tuning in. This is episode number one. This episode is all about why I decided to start mom talk. I hope you enjoy. And I look forward to introducing you to amazing moms and sharing experiences that we all can learn and benefit from.

The reason I decided to create this podcast was that I saw a need in my own life as a new mother. I was listening to so many different podcasts and many of them were by extremely successful women who were able to make connections with other extremely successful women, and they were talking about mostly business. And I really wanted to get down to the nitty-gritty reality of motherhood. I had a friend recently lost her husband to suicide and that really had been weighing on my heart for quite some time. And I kept thinking, how can I use my platform and where am I in my life to reach other women out there? Because I want to connect each and every one of you to each other. And motherhood can feel like such an isolating and lonely place at times especially when you're at home. When you're a stay at home mom and you are making that transition from being a mother and being able to go out and get drinks and being able to go out whenever you want. It's a huge challenge because that transition isn't easy. I'm 27, so a lot of my friendships are still with single free spirit women who when I had my daughter kind of disappeared, I suppose you could say. Finding the time to reach out to other mothers, but also the fearlessness to talk to other mothers and reach out and put me out there and in a new way was really difficult and still is really difficult.

I'm finally at a place where I'm making friendships with other mothers. And so many of the experiences that I've talked to moms about, I feel like need to be shared. There are things that aren't talked about and things that I believe so many of us have in common. And it's crazy that in a world filled with so much technology and so many opportunities and connection everywhere around us that we struggle to connect. And if I can use this as one to help even just one mom connect with another mom who's on my podcast, I want to do that. So that is the reason why I've created Mom Talk podcast. I want to have authentic conversations with other mothers who aren't necessarily these huge big-wigs running these giant businesses or have these crazy influential followings. Of course, I'm sure at some point I will have discussions with women like that. But I also want to focus on real these real moms who aren't sought out by big companies and thousands of people following them. They are real women out there having real experiences.

And I know that if one woman is having an experience, there have to be other women out there. Also having a very similar if not the same experience. And we need to connect with one another and empower one another and embrace and encourage one another because life is hard at times. It's not always bubbly and filled with these curated, wonderful images that we see all around us. When I first had Luna I had a panic attack the second night that she was here because the reality kicked in. I was a mom. This child required me to survive. And that was just a kind of smack in my face of Laura. You are your mom now and your life is changed forever.

I hope that this podcast is one that inspires and uplifts and gives you a feeling of connection because we live in such a beautiful world and connection is such an important aspect of life. So the more that I can connect moms together, the happier and excited I'm going to be. So I hope that you all enjoy this podcast and I really look forward to what this journey is going to evolve into.

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