Live in Abundance


There is more than enough. More than enough love, paying customers, success, fulfillment to go around. One individual's success does not take away from yours.


We are energetic beings. Just as you can sense when someone is confident, there is an energy that comes with a mindset of abundance. If you are thinking with a mindset of scarcity, your thoughts will become your reality.


In the beginning, you will have to train your abundance muscle. Living in abundance is not something we are groomed to have. We are constantly in a state of want, due to marketing tactics. We are taught to believe that we need that one more thing that will complete us or make us happy.

Begin by telling yourself a simple mantra throughout your day. Put it on your bathroom mirror, or a sticky note where you see it most often.

"There is more than enough _________."

You may have to fake it until your brain begins to change and you start to see abundance everywhere.


Celebrate your wins and the wins of others. Cheering on others, hype their successes. Their success is their own. There is more than enough to go around. This energy will permeate every aspect of your life.

When you cheer on others, they want to cheer you on as well.


Life isn't easy, I'm not saying that it will be a walk in the park. No matter if you are in a job you hate to pay the bills or living your dream, you can choose to live a joyful life filled with abundance. Looks for small things each day to be grateful for.


We do not all have the same definition of success. Learn what success means to you and make choices each day that support those goals. Does success mean fame? Or does success look like raising a family and growing a garden? Find out what makes you tick and enjoy the journey.

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