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Rose is an artist, teacher, and textile designer. With a background in fine arts and a love of well designed functional objects, her creations blur the lines between art and craft and pushes the boundaries with non-traditional techniques and materials. Rose teaches monthly rug hooking workshops in and around her home in NYC, and also welcomes commissions for one of a kind constructions in decor and home furnishings. Her work has been featured in fiber magazines, galleries, and numerous online design sites. Her book Modern Rug Hooking is available wherever books are sold. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her family.

Growing up

Both of Rose’s Parents are artists, her childhood was surrounded by art culture. She lived in an artist community. As a kid she didn’t realize how lucky she was to have been brought up in that atmosphere.

Rose’s parents art style is abstract, which you can see in her work now, but when she was young she didn’t understand that style and it wasn’t a passion of hers. She was more drawn to “crafting”.

You can see the combination of these two styles into her work now as she crafts rugs, bags, coats and other various items that are for more than display.

How Has Covid Impacted Her Life

She is very different from her extended family in some regards. Because of COVID this past summer they were all stuck together in a small art-filled house. Rose likes her space to be more organized, clean and open. Learning how to navigate that was an interesting time.

Rose is a full-time mom of a 14 year old and a 4 year old. She does not have screen time so she can be engaged with her children and her craft. Now that her youngest is a little older she is able to work on her projects and her daughter will play nearby.

Traditional rug/quilt makers understood this. It is easy to intertwine these crafts into our lives. It is a slow process but it adds up.

Why Punch Needle?

Once Rose has her son her mother purchased a rug hook for her. Her mom just knew it was the perfect thing for that time in her life. When painting it required cleaning up during the project when she was pulled away. This just wasn’t realistic for her, so punch needle fit perfectly.

Punch Needle so easily fits into her lifestyle. As parents Rose was able to pick up and put down projects easily as needed. The challenge is staying with it over a long period of time because we are easily pulled in different directions.

When Rose finally began creating art she found she naturally created with a style that was bent towards her parents style. She has experimented with painting and collage. Punch Needle it just was the natural evolution of her art.

The Social Media Challenges

Because punch needle takes so much longer than other mediums it can be difficult to create continual content. It’s challenging to find ways to present the art through the process in ways that are beautiful and captivating.

Instagram was a personal journal for her, feedback was helpful, in the beginning it was so fun, she was freely posting whatever she wanted. As her following has grown it has been the more difficult it became to post freely. Now it is really tough, it is a job.

We are obviously so grateful, but your mind begins to try to please others.

It’s hard to look at instagram and feel like there is so much that you are not doing. But Rose reminds herself of what brings her joy. Those moments of joy she shares. It’s knowing when to say “It’s enough”.

When you want to live a more present life it can be a really big challenge. Figuring out what makes you happy and works for you.

We appreciate it all, but sometimes it is so hard to manage it all.

Words to Inspiring Artists

Just get started. The hardest part is starting. You can easily get in your head about all the potential challenges. Find what you love to do, it might be punch needle, it might be something else.

Is there something that keeps calling you back, something you can’t stop thinking about?

Steady steps. Think of it as a rug. If you look at the whole frame it can be overwhelming. But when you think of small shapes and getting those done that day , soon enough the rug will be finished.

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