The Vulva Witch

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Kaylynn's Personal Journey

Kaylynn's journey started at a young age with disordered eating, which was in control of her life and how she viewed her body until she was 25. She had a rough breakup and found herself feeling worthless and empty. At this point she became aware of this pattern, a feeling that when someone would leave, she felt as though they left with her. She decided to figure out how to love herself. That anyone who comes into her life is simply complimenting her rather than completing. Now at 31, that journey was so healing. Working on healing from the diet and beauty culture, the only thing she realized she had not addressed was her insecurities with her vulva.

The Silence Around Vulvas

Vulvas are not really talking about in school, depending on your upbringing there can be shame attached to your vulva, we don't really talk about it with friends or partners, traumas, and insecurities because we do not understand about our vulva.

The shame she felt around the color of her vulva was something she felt uncomfortable with because the representation for vulva's are often pink and symmetrical, and her vulva did not look like this. Labia for women are all different. They are not all tucked in, they are not all uniform, but we are not given the understanding that all vulvas are made different.

After running a poll on her instagram about her insecurities about her vulva, her inbox was flooded with shame and trauma and insecurity. She thought to herself, this is something that we need to talk about!

This is Something That Should be Talked About!

Our vulva is more than just a sex organ but it also houses our sensuality, creativity, fire, and passion. If you don't want children, or perhaps are A-sexual, having a healthy relationship with your vulva is important.

We need to work together to create a world where our vulva is not a discussion shrouded in shame. No matter where you are at on your journey, you are given the opportunity to ask yourself what your relationship is with your vuvla. Or if you do not have a vulva, how do you feel about it. Is it a dirty word? Does it make you feel uncomfortable? Why?

Check out Kaylynn's work at and listen to the full episode here!

A Quick Meditation to Thank Your Body and Reconnect

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