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Tapestry Creation Using

a Punch Needle


With so many requests and questions about how I do what I do, I decided to launch my own course!

If you are interested in learning how to take creative inspiration from the world around you and translate that into your artwork using a punch needle. This course is for you.

In the course, you take a journey with me through my entire process. We walk through Sacramento together and find inspiration from the world around us. We then choose yarns based on the inspirational locations we found. I discuss how to best combine textures and colors for a beautiful cohesive tapestry. Then watch as I draw out my design and give you an insight into my personal creation thought process.

After drawing out our design we get to work! Using the punch needle I explain the fundamentals of the punch needle tool and the four basic stitches I use in all my works of art. Just in case there are any hiccups when you first start I also included a section on troubleshooting to make the learning curve a little less steep. 

Finally, we wrap up the course with a section on how to back and finish your hanging tapestry. Finishing and backing are not required with punch needle, but I love the refined look it creates for the final tapestries I sell. My backing and finishing technique allows me to create organic shapes that many punch needle artists are unable to create. 

Want to start learning? 

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Ebook or online course?

  • Looking to learn the very basics to get going? The ebook is right for you!

  • Wanting to develop designs from the world around you and create tapestries you can hang and sell, the course is right for you!

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